Eliot Klein is a musician, artist and board-certified music therapist in Philadelphia, PA. In October 2020, he published The Door Of Time: A Coloring Book, compiling drawings from over the last decade. In 2015, as MC Tonguedancer, released the album/illustrated book Dreams In Cryogenic Fugue, a “dream-rap space odyssey”, with art by Chris Johnson and music by Unisex Starship. He has performed, recorded and toured with groups/artists Unisex Starship, Big Ocean, Magnet City Kids, Jimmy Cousins, and as MC Tonguedancer. Eliot has been a frequent participant in free improvisation , collaborating with Vervet Dance and the Impermanent Society of Philadelphia, and has also participated in community Klezmer initiatives. He currently works as a music therapist at a psychiatric hospital.